Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program

This program reaches out to help animals in captivity by providing assistance and training to improve the lives of captive wildlife. Working alongside other organizations and the government, we strive to ensure that species-specific requirements are met and the well-being of animals are optimized in captive facilities.

A collaboration between Love Wildlife, the Zoological Park Organization, the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department and ACRES Singapore to improve the welfare conditions and standards in Thai zoos.

The Five Freedom

  1. Freedom from hunger and thirst.

  2. Freedom from thermal and physical discomfort.

  3. Freedom from injury, disease and pain.

  4. Freedom to express normal behavior.

  5. Freedom from fear and distress.


“Helping one center at a time makes a world of a difference.”

One small step is one step closer to ending animal suffering in Thailand. In 2013, Love Wildlife teamed up with a French organisation called Blue Tail Animal Aid International to do training for the animal care team of the Department of National Parks Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) Centers. This training teaches about animal welfare, basic husbandry and health management as well as enrichment, focusing on centers housing confiscated wildlife. We have had quite a successful year and with the support of DNP, we are now looking into continuing the efforts in 3 new centers next year.

Thank you to WSPA and an anonymous donor for their support in sponsoring this program.