Who is Who

at Love Wildlife

Nancy Lynne Gibson

“Hi, I am Nancy, the founder of Love Wildlife. Growing up in America, I was surrounded by animals and nature, not realising it would be my calling and future career. Now, living in Thailand, I am involved with many great projects and work with inspiring people throughout Southeast Asia to make change for the environment. We have many projects planned and it is exciting to know that Love Wildlife will be a supporting organisation for wildlife conservation throughout the region.”

Alisara Samran


“Hello, Im Dear, administrator of Love Wildlife. Although I did not have a direct degree in the environment or wildlife. But I’m interested in it and would like to make change for the environment, so I got to be in this field. In Love Wildlife, I mainly coordinate both internally and externally foundation also any document stuffs. Anyone who needs help can come to me!”

Juthapathra Dechanupong
Education and Outreach Manager

“Who would have known that a girl who grew up watching Sir David Attenborough’s documentary will one day grow up to spend her time bushwacking through the forest to study elephant behavior, crushed animals poop to see if they are happy, and walked endlessly in the rain to find rattlesnakes. The same girl has now joined at Love Wildlife Foundation to spread her love of animals and her passion to protect the environment with the rest of the world and oversee the Slow Loris reintroduction project. ”

Suphasiri Muttamara
Education and Outreach

“Hello there! I know my name is super long so please call me Jam. Together with Ju, we are the J team. I am a Love Wildlife’s educator. Since I was a kid, I like being outdoor and explore mystery of the nature world. Now, I would like to share the experience and fun with others. My role at Love Wildlife is to help conduct our land education trips (mostly at Bangpra Waterbird Breeding Center to see how we take care of confiscated animals from illegal pet trade), visit schools and introduce students to wildlife conservation, and deliver ourtdoor and in-class curriculum on various conservation topics. During Chom Whales season, I also take people on breath taking whale watching trips.”

(Dr.) Rahul Mehrotra
Marine Research Advisor

“I was once burped on, in the face, by a wild sea turtle. Oh hi everyone, nice to meet you, kindly disregard that previous insight into the life of a marine scientist. My role at Love Wildlife is to help conduct our marine educational trips and help manage our scientific data (from slow lorises to coral reefs and Bryde’s whales), as well as ensuring that Nancy has no remaining free time. Besides this I’m mostly involved in managing our ATMEC project at Love Wildlife, where we teach marine biology and conduct independent research. “

Pimchanok Tragoolsilp
FREC Manager

“A visual practitioner who is 75% coordinating between LWF and other wonderful partners to create a lovely community center at Ford Resource and Engagement Center (FREC Bangkok) in Nangleong, Bangkok, while spending the other 25% still pondering and overthinking John Berger’s words on how animals have gradually disappeared from our lives, leaving us in the solitude of beings, and how to bring back that participatory thoughts we once shared back again.”