Who is Who

at Love Wildlife

Nancy Lynne Gibson

“Hi, I am Nancy, the founder of Love Wildlife. Growing up in America, I was surrounded by animals and nature, not realising it would be my calling and future career. Now, living in Thailand, I am involved with many great projects and work with inspiring people throughout Southeast Asia to make change for the environment. We have many projects planned and it is exciting to know that Love Wildlife will be a supporting organisation for wildlife conservation throughout the region.”

Utharat (Maja) Malaimal
Secretary of the Board / Chief Operations Officer

“Hi, I’m Maja. I’m a Bangkokian with a passion for nerdy stuff. I like animals, but having grown up in the city, I’m not quite sure how to handle them and would like to help the younger generation of city-dwellers understand the right way to love animals.”

Heidi McLeish
Education & Outreach

“I graduated (too many moons ago!) from University College London, with a degree in the History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science. I’ve always had an interest in Natural History and, as a teacher, have particularly enjoyed sharing this sense of awe in the natural world with my young students. I am currently taking a mini-break from full-time teaching to further pursue interests in wildlife/environmental conservation.”

Napas (Nap) Somsawad
Education & Outreach Coordinator / Creative

“I finished my degree on Biological Sciences from Mahidol University International College to pursue my passion on animals, but art is also the thing I can never give up. It is a great opportunity and experience here to sync two of the things I love and use them to create some positive impacts towards the world, pushing it for the better-beings of wildlife.”

Kayla Blanton
Slow Loris Conservation Program

“From Jacksonville, Florida, USA, though was born abroad in a military family. Moved to Thailand nearly three years ago to pursue work with wildlife. Have been peed and pooped on by many different kinds of animals, so naturally, seeking a bio-med degree at Mahidol University International College.  Passionate about conservation and seeing progress with the illegal animal trade network that flows through Thailand. Specializes and loves to work with various primates such as the Slow Loris.”

Wongsakron (Yu) Duangpayap
Animal Care / Vet Nurse

“I’ve been working with Love Wildlife Foundation since 2015 as a vet nurse who takes care of slow loris health and welfare in slow loris conservation program. I am grateful to be a part of this project, improving the wellbeing of animals, as well as advising people and students in a conservation field. The thing I am most proud of is to dedicate all the knowledge I have to help animals”

Danayarat (Prair) Boonyatee

“Hi! It’s Prair. Freshly baked from biodiversity major, faculty of science, Ramkhamhaeng University. I’m a full-time volunteer/animal lover dedicating to the better planet for all. Simply, I just try to save human species from self-destruction. I always believe that what people need is the awareness of the connection between lives, to cherish lives and the system – the ecosystem. That’s how we can see the others along with ourselves, and sustain our home.”

Po-Tsao (Bruce) Chen

“I was blessed with the opportunities to enjoy this world’s biodiversity. I do not want it to end here. It would be a shame if there is nothing left for the next generations to see.”

Maria Kalita

“I am a certified vet doctor who now works in different field but never lost my childhood love to animals and sea.  My basic help during the low (not whales) season is public media but the real job starts from August- December when 2-3 times a month I go to the sea with a group of our guests to tell about whales behavior and how to watch them to make happy and raise awareness about endangered animal species.”

Maythira (May) Kasemsant

“I’m a nature enthusiast who is particularly interested in nature communication work. So, I began my Facebook Page called ‘Nature Toon’ in December 2014, which is the page that illustrates stories about nature and conservation using cartoon drawings. I also had my first book published in 2017 called The Invisible Services from Nature. I first joined Love Wildlife Team as a grantee in Reef Ambassador Program, the program that provides grant for Thai people to be an intern at NHRCP, Koh Tao, Thailand for 3 months.”